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E1 - Battery Electric Taxi Cab

E1 - Battery Electric Taxi Cab

ElectriCab Technologies is an intellectual property powerhouse that has amassed a library of optimization tools that address the viability and sustainability of battery modules, battery packs, control systems, EVs, and transportation system designs. The company has successfully completed its proof of concept phase, and is developing working prototypes to demonstrate the commercial viability of its technology: 300 miles electric driving range, 6 minutes re-charge, 1,000 charge cycles.

ElectriCabís battery module designs have been successfully demonstrated both in the lab and on the road over the past 9 years. Design efforts have resulted in two distinct approaches to battery module architecture, each being optimized for high-current rapid charging.

High-current rapid charging is the key to mainstreaming battery electric vehicles. By enabling extended electric-only driving range & re-fueling time comparable to todayís internal combustion vehicles, ElectriCab Technologies is in a position to drive demand in an industry that is in desperate need of a game-changing breakthrough.

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